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Parking Lot Coatings: Extending the Life of Your Lot

A Parking Lot Coating Protects Against Water Damages and Vehicle Friction to Extend its Life.

What’s better than a brand new parking lot with a fresh coat of paint? Not much. This beautiful lot however, will face years of vehicle trauma and elemental corrosion. Not many parking lots endure that stress without cracking and allowing water leaks. Thankfully, you can extend the life of your parking lot and slow the degradation process. How so? Do it with special parking lot coatings.

The Specific Benefits of Parking Lot Coatings

Benefit #1. It seals your lot from water leaks. One of the greatest sources of damage to your parking lot is the expansion of water inside your concrete. Coatings are especially valuable for protecting your lot during the winter, when water regularly expands and causes cracking. As a bonus, this sealant prevents much of the trash and debris that stumbles into your lot from sticking to the pavement. Who wouldn’t like spending less time cleaning up the parking lot?

Benefit #2. Coatings reduce the stress caused by vehicle friction. Consider the thousands of vehicles that come across your parking lot each year. This trauma causes your lot to fade quickly, but coating slows the fading and deterioration process.

Benefit #3. Many owners forget about one of the most constant sources of parking lot corrosion: the sun. Solar radiation weakens the integrity of the pavement and causes it to crack. With a special coating, a much higher percentage of this radiation is deflected off the pavement. Less absorbed radiation equals less damage over time and a longer lasting parking lot for you.

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