Pothole Repair

A Picture of Fresh Pothole Repair.

Pothole Repair for Parking Lots, Driveways

When it comes to our driveways, and parking lots, we want them to be in the best shape possible. Unfortunately, over time, as well as exposure to the sun, rain, and outside elements, our parking lots and driveways can develop potholes. Potholes are holes that are formed due to erosion. While outside elements and weather can play a big part in creating potholes, car tires and human traffic can also contribute to the formation of potholes. If you have a pothole or multiple potholes in your driveway or parking lot call eSquared Asphalt Maintenance at 254-716-8685! We are able to provide pothole repair in Waco and Temple, TX that will fix your parking lot or driveway in no time. While concrete can form potholes, asphalt is the more likely of the two to be susceptible to potholes. Regardless if your concrete or asphalt parking lot has a pothole, we are able to take care of it.

The Pothole Repair Process

Repairing a pothole is very easy and quick, so our professional team will be able to take care of it in no time. Here are the steps of the pothole repair process for your Waco and Temple, TX driveway or parking lot.

  • Clean the Area: Before we repair the pothole, we will need to clean the area. This includes removing loose materials and debris.
  • Pour in Asphalt or Concrete: A specialist will pour asphalt or concrete into the pothole.
  • Compact Asphalt or Concrete: We will use a tool to compact the asphalt or the concrete in the pothole.
  • Reapply the Asphalt or Concrete: Reapplying and compacting the material will be repeated until the pothole has been filled.
  • Additional Compaction: To ensure that the pothole is completely compacted, we will add more compaction if needed.

Call Us To Make an Appointment!

If you are interested in getting pothole repair in Waco and Temple, TX for your asphalt or concrete driveway, please call our experts today! As part of your driveway and parking lot maintenance, we will make sure that this type of repair lasts for a long time. Call us at 254-716-8685 to get more information or to schedule an appointment.