Parking Lot Maintenance in Hewitt, TX

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Professional Maintenance for Your Parking Lot

At eSquared Asphalt Maintenance, our professionals work diligently to ensure professional, comprehensive completion of your project with no stress to you and no strain on your wallet. Our technicians will work with you to deliver the best workmanship possible and discuss all possible options and outcomes. Contact our experts at 254-716-8685 whether you’re in search of patio installation at your business or you need concrete striping for your Hewitt, TX business, our technicians can complete your job quickly and successfully.

Concrete Striping

In an effort to provide only high quality concrete striping in Hewitt, TX, our professionals are kept up to date on all local and state codes. We deliver advice on material and product options such as cost, performance, and lifespan, and deliver expert painting that’s smooth and flawless. Our specialists are experienced in code enforcement procedures by entities like the EPA and the ADA, and we provide guidance and process information so that you can ensure your company is always in compliance.

  • Fire Lane Painting Make sure your fire lanes follow all local and state enforced codes by using our knowledgeable painting service. professional fire lane services ensure that your lanes are always within code compliance.}
  • Handicap Striping Our professionals provide comprehensive, handicap striping to make sure your business is ADA code compliant.
  • Handicap Logo Painting If your logos are beginning to peel and crack, contact our experts to repaint them flawlessly to prevent code violations.
  • Parking Lot Striping Have clear, concise, and fresh striping to maximize space and implement clear guidelines for the visitors of your property.
  • Warehouse Striping Our professional warehouse striping will help improve the safety, communication, and production of your work area.
  • Reflective Parking Lot Paint Learn how reflective paint can give extra protection at night and in the rain and whether it’s right for you.

Pressure Washing

Our technicians can provide pressure washing services for all types of surface, including wood and vinyl. Our experts can get rid of all dirt, grime, and even paint from your structure without damaging the underneath. Our team can remove contaminants and debris that causes breakdown to reveal healthier material that lasts longer. For skilled and experienced commercial pressure washing in Hewitt, TX, call the team you can trust. Call 254-716-8685 to find out more about our pressure washing services and benefits.

  • Code Compliant Pressure Washing Discover the ways our team recognizes all EPA guidelines and standards while providing the ultimate clean.
  • Restaurant Pressure Washing Stay in compliance and patron friendly with comprehensive pressure washing from the dining area to the kitchen, and everything in between.
  • Concrete Stain and Gum Removal First impressions last forever. Make sure you’re extending a good one with our parking lot and sidewalk cleaning that removes stains, gum, and other debris.

Concrete Installation and Maintenance

Our professionals can deliver installation, repair, and restoration of your concrete structures such as retaining walls, walkways, driveways, and even fence columns. Our professionals are also trained to provide completely customizable artistic finishes like decorative or stamped concrete. Our cleaning and restorative services provide resistance for any concrete construct from UV rays, water, and weather dangers. Call the eSquared Asphalt Maintenance professionals when you need concrete services in Hewitt, TX that you can be proud of.

Additional Services

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Other Services We Offer

At eSquared Asphalt Maintenance we are able to offer other services for our clients besides concrete lining, concrete installation, and pressure washing. Providing services for asphalt and concrete surfaces and structures is a big part of what we do, but we also offer services like window washing, construction clean up, and roof gutter clean up. If you are having construction done on a commercial property and need construction clean up, please call us today at 254-716-8685! No matter if you need additional services or concrete striping in Hewitt, TX, we are more than happy to help you!

Our team works hard to create working relationships with the top suppliers to offer you only top quality materials and unparalleled workmanship. Our trained professionals can complete any concrete or asphalt project your business needs, including professional parking lot maintenance, throughout Hewitt, TX. When you’re looking for certified concrete professionals you can rely on, contact the eSquared Asphalt Maintenance team at 254-716-8685 and arrange your consultation now.