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Can Broken Concrete Be Repaired?

A Cracked Concrete Sidewalk.

Concrete Repair Vs Replacement

One of the biggest issues that you will see with concrete sidewalks, driveways, and even parking lots is that they can crack. If cracks form in concrete, then they will just get worse over time. The best solution for this is getting concrete repair. A lot of people ask, “What is concrete repair?” is when a contractor repairs concrete that has broken or become damaged over time. When it comes to concrete cracks, there is the choice to either repair or replace the concrete. If the damage is not too extensive, then its better to just repair the concrete. In situations where the concrete is incredibly damaged and cracked, then concrete replacement might be the best solution. When it comes to repairing concrete, you can either seal it or patch it. Another thing that people ask is, “What is concrete patching?”concrete patching is when that specific area is patched up with repairs. If there are concrete cracks or the concrete is broken, then these are the steps to repair it.

  • Break Away the Concrete Crack: You will want to make the crack wider using a chisel; you will also want to remove any loose concrete.
  • Remove Rubble From Concrete Crack: Use a wire brush and an industrial vacuum to remove rubble, dust, and other debris from the crack.
  • Get Patching Compound Ready: After your clean and remove debris from the cracks, then you will want to mix your patching compound.
  • Put Patching Compound in Concrete Crack: Start putting the patching compound into the cracks and make sure the compound is deep in the cracks.
  • Smooth the Patching Compound: Smooth out the compound so the surface of the concrete is smooth, or use a tool to give the concrete some texture.
  • Allow Patching Compound to Cure: Based on the patching compound directions, you will want to let it cure.
  • Seal the Area: To make sure that the patching is protected, you will want to seal it for extra protection.

Concrete Repair for Driveway

Concrete driveways see a lot of wear and tear due to cars driving on them, as well as constant contact with outside elements. If you have issues with your concrete driveway, you might be wondering “Can you repair concrete driveway?” If the damage isn’t substantial, then concrete driveways can be repaired. When the concrete is too damaged, then it need to be completely replaced or resurfaced. Below are common issues with concrete driveways and how they can be repaired.

How Do I Fix My Crumbling Driveway?

If you notice that you concrete is starting to crumble, then you will want to get it repaired right away. The first step to repairing a crumbling concrete driveway is to remove the crumbling concrete and the use a high pressure hose to wash away any dust or debris. The next thing you will want to do is apply either a bonding or primer agent onto the surface of the concrete. After it is applied look at the directions to see how long the curing process is. Once it has dried, then you will want to apply repair mortar. Spread it over the area and make sure its nice and smooth.

How Do You Repair Hairline Cracks in Concrete Driveway?

Hairline cracks in your driveway aren’t as severe as big cracks, but it is still important to repair them right away. The good thing about repairing hairline cracks in concrete is that it doesn’t require specialty equipment. If there is any loose concrete around the cracks, then you will want to clear that away, as well as use a brush and vacuum to remove dust and other debris from the cracks. After the cracks have been cleared away and cleaned of loose concrete, then you will want to use a masonry crack filler or a concrete patching compound to fill in the hairline cracks. When the cracks have been filled in, you will use an instrument to smooth the filler or compound so that its smooth and flesh with the surface of the concrete.

Can Old Concrete Be Resurfaced?

Cones and Caution Tape Around a Finished Concrete Project.

Does Resurfacing Concrete Last?

If you have an old concrete driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot and are wondering if resurfacing would work to make it look brand new, the answer is yes! It will basically be the same process as concrete repair, but you’ll be using a resurfacer over damages and cracks. If concrete resurfacing is done correctly, then it should be able to extend the life of your concrete sidewalk, parking lot, or driveway. If you are in the market for concrete repair in Waco and Temple, TX, then you can call eSquared Asphalt Maintenance at 254-716-8685! Just like you need a roofer when you are needing metal roofing, you will need professional technicians who know how to perform concrete repair service the right way. Fortunately, our team has the experience and skills to offer the best concrete services in the area. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!