Cleaning Up Nicely: Abrasive Removal

Abrasive Removal

Abrasive Removal is Perfect for Removing Paint and Difficult to Scrape Gunk.

It’s disheartening when a beautifully crafted surface becomes cluttered by paint spray, mold, and other gunk. If you’re luck, you can take the D.I.Y. approach; unfortunately that’s not an option for many homeowners and property developers. That’s where abrasive removal comes in. Here are three of the most common methods and how they might benefit your property.

Method #1: Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is a newer form of blasting that supplies many opportunities to tailor your own unique finish. It’s great for removing paint, rust, and other corrosive byproducts from surfaces. Particularly effective for wood, steel, and aluminum materials, beads can be customized to produce whatever gradient you desire.

Method #2: Sand

While less common nowadays, sand provides powerful and fast results for homeowners and developers that need results immediately. You’ll love the results: a lovely darker finish, free of paint smudges and any other smears. Sand blasting shouldn’t be used on softer materials that require gentler washing, but it works well with dense metals and other hard materials.

Method #3: Walnut Shell

That’s right! Walnut shelling is a natural, recyclable blasting material that’s perfect for removing gunk from more sensitive materials. If your property has wood or soft metal material that needs a gentler touch, walnut shells can easily clean them without leaving harmful scrapes and scarring. Afterwards, you’ll see a beautiful, smooth finish.

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