Should I Clean My Commercial Roof?

If you are a commercial building owner, you know that commercial roofs can be very expensive. You also know that proper maintenance is an important part of keeping that roof in good condition. Today we will go over the various benefits of having your roof cleaned by our professionals!

Detrimental Mold & Algae

Roof cleaning

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Roof Cleaned?

Have you noticed black streaks or areas of blackened growth on your rooftop? Those markings might be Gloeecapsa Magma, which is a common algae that can be particularly harmful to your roofing. The reason this algae is commonly found on roof systems is because it feeds off of the limestone available in your roofing materials, steadily gnawing away at them through time. This unsightly and damaging growth can be killed as well as removed with a complete roof cleaning.

It’s essential to wash your roofing materials at the first sign of mildew or algae, as letting it grow as it pleases can lead to many damages. There are several different solutions we use to cleanse your roof, all of which are designed to gently remove fungus growth, as well as slow the growth of further mildew and algae in the future.

Aesthetic Value

Though there are many techniques to help your company stand out among the competition, a clean rooftop can go a long way, especially for how budget-friendly it is. While we clean away algae, our pressure washer will additionally knock off any other debris like dirt, pollen, leaves, as well as grime. With our roof cleaning services, we can protect your roof investment swiftly, and at an affordable cost. We use high quality cleaning solutions that are meant to work swiftly as well as gently on your roofing materials.